Customize Your Performance Reports Create elegant custom reports for your firm. Design your individual report pages and build different packages for different clients. Easy to update for the next reporting period. Quantum allows you to define what and how you display information to your clients. Deliver via portal, network share or email.

Simplify Your Reporting Quantum Reports is your solution to generate elegant reports directly from your portfolio management software. With a single button click, you can generate hundreds of reports, save them in PDFs by account, by advisor or as a single PDF. Direct these files to a local folder, network share, client portal or email directly to clients.

Features For all accounts you can show individual or rolled up data. Display portfolio return, objectives and holdings, cash flow summary, asset allocation, risk vs return, expected range of returns, up/down market comparison, cumulative return history, transactions, fees and more. Quantum can read performance information from your existing portfolio management software or access your client data and process the calculations in Quantum.

Report Packages Create any number of report packages by combining the pages you need. Then combine, order and assign pages to a report package and assign the package to a client. Pages can include static or dynamic data, text, tables, reports, charts and graphs. Add additional pages at any time. Sample pages include:

  • Cover page with logo
  • Market commentary
  • Performance summary with holdings and asset classes, define time periods to display
  • Cash flow summary
  • Portfolio Holdings
  • Bond allocation
  • Transactions
  • Disclosure
  • External files
  • Include pages from MorningStar or other applications

Current Integrations Quantum is integrated with several different portfolio management software applications and the list is growing. If you don't see your application listed here please inquire as other integrations will be considered based on demand.

  • Advent Axys®
  • Advent APX®
  • Schwab PortfolioCenter®
  • TD Ameritrade


Automatically create professional and graphical reports from your Schwab PortfolioCenter® or Advent Axys® data.

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