As your business expands and you attract more millennial clients, you can upgrade your performance reports to look more colorful, modern and professional.

Arcons provides products: tallyPort & clientPort, that can create report packages out of your data from Advent Axys, Advent APX, Schwab PortfolioCenter or custodial data and host on a customizable client portal. Your market commentary and other external PDFs can be combined with the packages as well.

All the packages can be emailed, printed, saved as PDF or be hosted on Arcons Client Portal.

Arcons can create any presentation out of your data, be it a bar chart, a 3-D pie chart or a nicely designed and formatted tabular report. Arcons uniqueness lies in providing customization of report content, not just the colors, logo, linesand layout. Most other firms will only give you reports that they have in stock.

clientPort is a portal to host reports -- current and historic as well as other documents you want to exchange with your clients. It allows your clients to login through a customized web portal that shows your company logos and colors. Different users in the same household can see their own account details.

Common Features of client Portal:

1. Dossiers: Create beautiful and clean dossiers for you and your client
2. Automatic: Upload the documents on the portal automatically
3. History: Maintain historical reports and view them as needed
4. Dashboard: Track all activities on a customizable dashboard
5. Self Service: Client Portal allows clients, employees to take care of their own needs.
6. File Management: Share, upload and manage all your documents online
7. Cloud Service: The Portal is on cloud so client can access it from anywhere, anytime


Imagine calculating your fees instantly with any number of complex fee schedules and scenarios. Create invoices, custodian uploads, revenue sharing reports and exports for your accounting software all with a few clicks.

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