CRM Integration Integrated with your portfolio management software you have access to all of your client data to send emails, mail merge and track activity. Customize your own screens with profile or holding data to be tracked at an account level and easily export to Excel.

starPort is a Customer Relationship Management application integrated with your portfolio management software providing access to all client data. Maintain only one database, not multiple, and you will be able to:

  • Define any information to be tracked at an account level
  • Create dynamic screens and layouts to view client profile and holding information
  • Define households and legal entities
  • Specify filters to Import the exact contact, labels and holdings from your portfolio management software that you want to capture
  • Create client files, groups and labels in starPort and push to your portfolio management software
  • Easily export data to Excel
  • Mail merge with any label data stored in the system
  • Outlook synchronization of contacts and appointments
  • Record notes and activities for clients

Current Integrations starPort is currently integrated with Advent Axys®. If you are interested in starPort and have a different portfolio management software application please inquire as we will always consider other integrations.


CRM that works with Advent Axys® portfolios

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