Consolidated Financial Summary 1

Category : Advanced Reports
Description :
  • This report is composed of 4 report widgets.
  • The top left one shows asset allocation data for the consolidated account, i.e. for the entire relationship. The allocation is grouped by asset class.
  • The top right chart displays foreign exposure of all assets for the consolidated account.
  • The bottom left graphic plots a pie chart for shows asset allocation data for the consolidated account grouped by sector.
  • The bottom right bar chart shows the year to date performance of the sectors that compose the consolidated account.
Customizations possible:
  • The graphics can be changed to 2 or 3-dimensional pie charts, 2 or 3-dimensional bar charts.
  • The colors of the charts can be assigned by sectors.
  • The colors can match across the widgets.
  • The legend can be customized to show on the left, right, top or bottom and with or without a box enclosure.
  • The logos, colors of the bands and text as well as the titles, subtitles can be customized.

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