• Data Transformation Services
  • Technology Consulting
  • Custom Software Development
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Data Transformation Services

Arcons Technology provides the tools for you to transfer your data from one application to another. We can assist you for a one time transfer or provide the application for you to transfer your data on a regular basis.

  • Data import/export to portfolio management software, financial and analytical applications
  • Extract data and convert to export to Excel, text, CSV, SQL or Microsoft Access formats
  • Data massaging, cleanup, augmentation/creation of missing data

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Technology Consulting

Our Technology Consulting Services provide your firm with a detailed analysis of your existing back and mid office technology platforms. We will identify functional gaps, operational issues and potential cost savings to provide you with a comprehensive review and proposed technology road map. Technology product reviews and recommendations include analysis of third party solutions, Arcons Products, and Custom Development options.

Our Technology Implementation services provide your firm with expert resources to develop and manage the installation and integration of new investment management systems. Complete start to finish implementation services for Arcons products, custom software development and third party software implementations keeps your team free to focus on core business operations.

  • Implementation Plan Development
  • Resource Management
  • Project Management

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Custom Software Development

Our team of experienced software engineers will define and develop custom solutions to meet the specific needs of your organization. From Advent Axys report writing to new investment management software design and integration, we work closely with your team to understand your unique requirements and to develop the right solutions.

  • Portfolio Accounting Report Writing (Advent Axys®)
  • Custom Application Design and Development
  • Implementation and Third Party Platform Integration
  • Multi-Platform Software Development