THE VILLAGES, Fla., Feb. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Royal Fund Management, LLC (RFM)discovered Arcons Technology, Inc. in fall of 2013 while searching for client billing and adviser revenue sharing software. RFM used a set of complex spreadsheets to compute the bills and split revenues between their many and growing number of investment advisors while managing over 2,000 accounts. They reviewed other systems but found them to be too expensive or too cumbersome to use.


Arcons created a seamless integration for RFM’s custodian TD Ameritrade and now RFM’s quarterly billing process can be accomplished in just a few minutes.  Arcons’ billPort also quickly creates the Advisor’s payouts giving the advisors accurate and detailed data for verifying their share of the fees.


billPort automatically integrates with Advent Axys®, Advent APX®, Schwab PortfolioCenter®, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade®, Southwest Securities and other custodial platforms to save time and reduce errors. Client billing can be complicated. Whether you use complex fees on accounts, security types, asset classes, excluded assets or use related families for fee aggregation, billPort handles these rules with ease. billPort also calculates revenue sharing, provides CSV uploads for your custodians and can integrate with your accounting software. Thousands of invoices can be generated instantly and individual or duplicate copies can be delivered to portals, printers or by email. billPort also has a sophisticated forecasting feature which generates multiple scenarios in seconds.


RFM is very happy with the effectiveness and diligence of the service provided by Arcons’ staff.

About Arcons Technology

Arcons Technology, Inc. was founded in 1998 and provides tools and technology platforms to manage traditional and alternative investments. Our products and services are specifically designed to meet our clients’ needs in the domains of billing, asset accounting, complex reporting, performance management, rebalancing, custodial downloads and operations optimization.

About Royal Fund Managment

Royal Fund Management offers Independent Fiduciary Responsibility.  As a fee only investment advisory firm, Royal Fund Management does not sell financial products or receive commissions. Therefore, we are obligated as fiduciaries to act in the best interest of clients.


Royal Fund Management was founded by Mark Sorensen and we employ a diversified strategy utilizing no-load mutual funds and individual equities.  Several model portfolios are available to meet a client’s specific objective including unique models for special situations.

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