Let us deal with the busy work.

Our Client Reporting Service will give you and your clients valuable time back. We work with you to learn your firm’s end-to-end reporting process and create fully customizable reports. As an additional service, we will take calls from your clients to provide them with the reports they need. With us dealing with this busy work, you will be able to focus on what is important.

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So how exactly would this work?

In this stage, we review your current reporting process and identify opportunities to automate it. We will advise how to make the reports easy to read, simple while also showcasing all critical information.

For this stage, your firm can choose to work with us or if you prefer, your firm can do this internally.


During this stage, we will work with you to create a mock-up of your firm’s reports. While creating this mock-up, you will decide the orientation, components, color theme(s), highlights and fonts for the report.

If you prefer, our team will help you choose the ideal color scheme and fonts that match your firm’s look and feel.

This process helps in determining various aspects such as:

  • # of accounts
  • Feasibility of the project
  • Challenges that might come during the implementation
  • What type of resources are required?
  • Determine the time estimates

In this phase, our team creates a report skeleton based on your specifications. Here you will approve the reports and make any changes.


In the final phase, our team will run tests on your firm’s reports. We will test a small set of client groups that represents the firm’s different scenarios. We will also test the full set of accounts across the firm for a month end or quarter end period.

From these tests we may find exceptions and will proactively address them. We will continue testing until the reports are fully validated and show the exact data that your firm wants.

Once the reports are tested and approved, they are deployed. You are now ready to generate the quarterly or monthly reports!

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