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Firms managing more than a handful of accounts are challenged with handling the generation, creation and distribution of client reports. Some firms do it daily, some monthly and some quarterly. Some print it and mail it, some email it while others host it on a client portal. Arcons’ tallyPort and clientPort solutions are perfect for handling the complexities of managing the automation of the entire lifecycle of reporting with great ease.

We recognize that firms like to represent their reports with their own look and feel, branding, colors and content. Our customization team can provide you the report pages that appear just the way you want, be it a bar chart, a 3-D pie chart or a nicely designed and formatted tabular report.

We support a variety of data sources, Advent Axys®/APX®, Schwab PortfolioCenter®, Black Diamond®, Advisors Assistant®, custodial data or any other source you may have. Your market commentary and other external PDFs can be combined with the report packages as well.

Our clientPortal that hosts these reports has many widgets that can be turned on/off or rearranged. The portal enables viewing current and historic reports and documents. It allows you to exchange documents with your clients. Clients login through your own branded web portal.  

Our AdvisorPortal can be used by firms to provide their advisors one place to view all their relationships, accounts, holdings, transactions and graphical views of all this data. Advisors can analyze holdings while on a call with client or remember or track actions needed to be performed for clients all from one place.

Key Features

Provide Financial Advice 24/7 - Wherever you are

View your clients’ holdings, performance, contact info easily with current and historical data at your fingertips. All you need is a computer, smartphone or a mobile device. The portal is hosted on Microsoft’s secure Azure cloud with guaranteed uptime, disaster recovery and encryption.

Your Customized Dashboard

View reports and activity on a customizable dashboard. Create presentations of your data and render them in different graphical views or a nicely designed and formatted tabular report. Your clients would love the visualizations of their portfolios and performance data which can be attractively graphed, sliced and diced by sectors, asset classes, security types and easily understood. Data can be updated at a frequency you choose, and you control what you want to show/share with your clients.

Client Self-Service and environment friendly

Your clients can see their data at their convenience, you save trees by digitally providing the advice. Since all current + historical financial data and documents are on the portal, you don’t need to worry about documents getting lost in the mail or being misfiled. The data integrates automatically from the Custodian or Portfolio Management System daily so clients are always up to date.

Project your image

clientPort allows your company name in the URL and the landing page shows your content, so clients are impressed with your digital presence.

Digital On-Boarding

Prospective clients see their workflow to stay on track during onboarding. Clients enter their personal profile, establish goals, determine risk tolerance, and download/upload onboarding documents. No more mistakes between ‘Smith’ and ‘Smythe’!

Reuse Your Current Systems and Avail of Our Customer Service

Adopting clientPort is a breeze as we use your existing portfolio accounting system that you are already familiar with. Our support team personally walks you through the setup facilitating successful rollout. After that, we are just a phone call or an email away.

Contracts and Documents repository

Access all contracts, documents and correspondence from your portal. It is securely stored and easily searchable. No need to fax documents or to make copies. Your secure document vault keeps your advisor’s agreement, account opening documents, transfer forms, tax returns, wills, trusts or anything else, which you can easily share electronically with clients’ other professionals or family members. You and the clients are alerted when new documents are posted. No limits on how many documents you can store!

Simple, Intuitive Interface

So simple to use, clean and uncluttered. Same data can be seen in numeric or graphical forms in place and all widgets have similar controls, your clients will avoid getting confused and adopt it with ease.

Widget Variety

Our team will implement what you can dream. Use the built-in widgets like Portfolio Overview, Portfolio holdings, Activity, Performance, Statements etc., or tell us what widgets of your own design will appeal to your clients. We will make it for you at a cost-effective pricing and with rapid turnaround.

Partner Integration

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