I’m a big fan of walking for hours daily, up and down the various hills dotting the San Francisco Bay Area. I listen to multiple books on Audible during the walks. Today, I finished listening to “Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals”, by Oliver Berkeman, a book I would recommend to everyone. Most Audible authors publish a downloadable PDF summary of their book which lays out the salient ideas, however, this book does not offer a PDF.

This relatively short book is read by the author over about five hours. It is definitely a worthwhile way to spend five hours. The author posts many related good ideas in the form of blog posts at: https://www.oliverburkeman.com/posts.  The appendix of the book has ten take aways. The ninth one is titled, ‘Cultivate instantaneous generosity’, in which the author urges us to act on positive impulses that come to mind without delay, be it helping someone with money, advice, encouragement or calling a friend/relative to express gratitude. Without actions, ideas are good intentions that never see the light of day.

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