Billing & Revenue Sharing

Imagine calculating your client fees instantly with any number of complex fee schedules and scenarios. Create invoices, upload fees to custodians, create revenue sharing reports and export information to your accounting software all with a few button clicks. With billPort, your firm will eliminate manual data entry, spreadsheets and multiple applications typically used in the industry today for client billing.

billPort’s user-friendly, simple and intuitive interface allows you to be productive rapidly while avoiding mistakes. Households and Accounts are displayed in a familiar spread-sheet interface. Advanced sorting, filtering and grouping is available on all screens. Moreover, the Arcons support team will guide you to ensure a complete smooth installation all the way through “go-live”.

Key Features

Advisory Fees

specify rules and compute
billPort supports all kinds of variations firms use to specify billing rules: Fixed or tiered fee rate, flat fees, discounts, minimum or maximum fees. Fees can be computed in advance or in arrears. The balances to compute fees can be end of period, average monthly balance or average daily balance.

Crypto Currency

Crypto asset billing for advisors and RIAs with Arcons Technology billPort – It will allow you to include a client’s crypto assets as part of the overall portfolio’s invoice and statement.

You can now bill on the client’s holdings including crypto assets. Set up the appropriate fee schedule for crypto assets, prices are automatically updated daily and when it is time to bill, create the invoice that will include ALL traditional and crypto assets beautifully listed on ONE INVOICE.

High Auditability and calculation traceability

billPort shows complete details on how it arrived at the fee calculations. You can see the household fees and drill down to see account level fees. Then you can drill down to see tier level details, discounts, prorations


billPort allows you to group your accounts by households, clients and further establish relations between
households to provide relationship-based fee breaks and discounts. Client invoices can be created by household,
account or advisor level. Invoices can also show subsets of accounts in a household to share only relevant
balances with household members.

Exceptions Handling

billPort easily handles many types of exceptions like excluding assets, cash or asset class from billing for any
account for specific time periods. Firmwide exclusions can be easily applied as well.

Secure and Private

Your data is not intermingled with other firms’ data. It is stored in your own private database, which is encrypted at rest with disaster recovery and redundancy provided by Microsoft’s robust Azure platform.

Role based Access Management

Administrators can look at all of the firm’s accounts, advisors can be configured to see the accounts and
households they manage. Branches of firms can be tracked. Any user can be configured to see specific system
screens and optionally not provided access to other screens.

Commission revenue Sharing between parties

billPort has a very robust revenue sharing module that allows sharing fees between the firm, advisors, managers, service teams, interested parties and referrers. It neatly displays the fee-share data and also creates spreadsheets that detail the accounts, fees and the advisor’s share. Revenue rules can be attached to sub groups of accounts or fee schedules.

Prorate bills based on account opening/closing dates

billPort takes the pain out of remembering to bill accounts which opened/closed intra-period. Fees are automatically prorated, refunds are created for closed accounts billed in advance and invoices generated for closed accounts billed in arrears.

Situational Alerts

Don’t be surprised when out of the ordinary billing events happen. If client’s fees or valuations are drastically
different from past sessions, billPort will alert you. You get 12 alert types to choose from.

Reporting and Analysis

All of billPort data can be used to create special “data exports” for your firm besides the over 100 reports
already available. These reports can be saved in Excel and viewed on screens. If you want any further data
integration, we will give you a hand!

Full service Onboarding

Our experienced team gets you onboarded easily. We bring in data from Excel or other data sources and set up
your households, accounts, billing and fee sharing schedules quickly and painlessly. Working with you, we
ensure that all billing is accurate. We also train you on the features you will use regularly and are always
available to help you if you have questions.

Anywhere Billing

Do your billing from anywhere using our web-based solution, No database servers needed to be purchased or maintained.

Cash flow adjustments

When clients bring in new funds during the billing period or withdraw funds, billPort can optionally bill the client for these transactions. The threshold of transaction amount can be specified to suppress billing adjustments of small amounts.

Go Green

Deliver invoices on our or other vendors’ Web Portal or deliver them via email with minimal effort. Save on printing and postage costs while helping the environment.

Payments Management

billPort allows you to manage client payments. When custodians pay fees for hundreds of accounts by a check,
you can easily mark and reconcile payments. Checks from individual clients can be recorded, receivables aging
reports can be created. Invoices and payments can be integrated with accounting systems like QuickBooks.

Customized branded bulk Invoice generation

Our team can optionally create different types of invoices for you sporting the look and feel you desire. Our
system can generate these invoices in bulk by advisors or households in PDF and Zip files with a button click.

Very user friendly and intuitive

Our easy to use user interface makes learning to use billPort enjoyable and easy. If you have used Excel, you can
get proficient in billPort in no time!

Partner Integration

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