Portfolio Edge: Portfolio Management, Billing and Client Reporting

Deliver best in class portfolio management solution

Billing & Revenue Sharing

  • Advisory Fees calculations for all kinds of scenarios
  • Easily compute Revenue Sharing between parties
  • Handle all types of billing exceptions
  • High Auditability and calculation traceability
  • Role based accounts Access Management
  • Prorate bills based on account opening/closing dates
  • Situational Alerts
  • Full-service Onboarding
  • Cash flow adjustments
  • Payments Management
  • Secure & Private, on Azure cloud

Rebalancing and OMS

  • Flexible Allocation Models
  • Preference Based Rebalancing
  • Easily view Overall Financial Picture of all accounts
  • Perform Tactical Rebalancing and OMS
  • Archive completed trades for audit process
  • Define and view account Rebalancing and OMS restrictions
  • Easily trade for Tax Loss Harvesting
  • Get Wash Sales notifications

Client & Advisor Portal

  • Your Customized Dashboard
  • Provide Financial Advice 24/7 - wherever you are
  • Project your image
  • Client Self-Service and environment friendly
  • Enjoy Digital On-Boarding
  • Maintain contracts and documents repository
  • Use a variety of Widgets
  • View/Create Portfolio/Advisor Reports
  • Simple, Intuitive User Interface

What Portfolio Edge Offers

Introducing our newest product: Portfolio Edge – efficient and rich portfolio construction and rebalancing. Portfolio Edge provides complete coverage for front, middle and back office staff through an integrated platform. Using innovative and forward-looking technology stack from Microsoft, Portfolio Edge creates a blend of stock reporting with customizations. Get real time results and dashboard-driven portfolio servicing to help you deliver for quarter end.

Our goal is to provide your firm balance between the ability to scale and still offer customization. Request a demo for a personalized product.