~ Integrated client portal extends advisors’ portfolio management systems reporting capabilities for online, direct client access

June 24, 2016. San Carlos, CA.Arcons Technology, an industry leading technology platform for financial advisors, announced today the launch of a new client portal, clientPort.

Integrated with the industry’s leading portfolio management systems, clientPort provides a rich and secure user experience for clients of advisors to access customizable reports. This online capability saves advisors time and expense in delivering their reporting, while also providing clients with the self-service ability to access historical reporting, whenever and wherever they are.

“In today’s technology enhanced wealth management environment, clients expect their advisor to provide them with the latest tools for convenient, timely access,” said Hemant Moore, CEO of Arcons Technology. “With the launch of clientPort, we are excited to extend the reach of advisors’ portfolio management systems to the web to accommodate client needs.”

The clientPort client portal uses direct feeds from leading portfolio management systems, such as Advent Axyx and APX as well as Portfolio Center, automating the process for advisors and eliminating manual import steps. Reporting from clientPort is fully customizable, provides advanced capabilities and is configurable to match advisors branding.

Additionally, clientPort enables account and house-holding views, as well as access rights deployment for authorized family members to see specific reports. Reporting can be customized to include holdings, cash flows, gains and losses, analytics, along with specific advisor generated content such as market commentaries, articles and more.

Combined with Arcons Technologies’ direct integrations with TD Ameritrade’s Veo platform, clientPort can be deployed as a stand-alone application to provide enhanced reporting for advisors not using a portfolio management system.

“We have been very pleased with the market’s reception to our billing and reporting systems,” said Moore. “We are currently serving over 100 advisory firms with over $115 billion on the platform. clientPort will extend the functionality of advisor’s existing systems to make them even more useful. We look forward to continuing to innovate and deliver more value to advisors and their clients.”

To learn more about the billing and reporting technology solutions from Arcons Technology, log onto www.ArconsTech.com.

About Arcons Technology

Arcons Technology was founded in 1998 and provides technology platforms to help financial advisors better manage, service, report and bill on client portfolios. With deep integrations with the industry’s leading portfolio accounting systems, including Advent Axyx, APX and Schwab Portfolio Center, Arcons simplifies and streamlines reporting and billing processes. Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley with offices in India, Arcons Technology is leading the way in helping advisors automate their back offices

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