Arcons Technology with Hemant More | E239.

Arcons Technology with Hemant More | E239

On today’s Fintech Impact episode, Jason Pereira will talk to Hemant More CEO of Arcons Technology. Arcons technology is a suite of software targeting RA’s and advisors in the US specifically helping them with various cloud solutions, online billing, CRM reporting, trading, and client portals.

Episode Highlights

  • 0.38: Hemant founded his company in 1998, and they started their enterprise helping RA’s. The initial product that they offered was related to billing.

  • 1.09: The beauty of Arcons’ company offerings is that they allow firms to come to them with customization requests, and they are able to offer specific new features for firms that will be like a white cloud service.

  • 3.03: In about 2007, we discovered that billing was a big gap. We started adding features for making billing, invoicing, revenue sharing a very easy application for firms, especially for firms with thousands of accounts and hundreds of billing schedules and 10s of advisors, says Hemant.

  • 4.49: Once you log into our suite of services, you could do all the things you do to run your business like you could do portfolio management, trading, reporting, CRM, and everything works off the same common database, says Hemant.

  • 7.29: We either work with the firm to discover the overall solution, or sometimes we start step by step process where we handle biggest pain first and make it a continuous improvement process, says Hemant.

  • 9.00: We also create documentation and videos of client cases. We train their end users, and once the initial version is done, we work on the next version based on what enhancements are needed, and cycle repeats, says Hemant.

  • 11.18: We analyze the patterns of usage of our users and say we notice that you did five steps to come up with particular result what if we provide new screen which may reduce the file sets to one step, says Hemant.

  • 14.15: Hemant created a solution for company due to which their quarterly work was reduced to three to four hours with one click, which included billing calculation and revenue sharing and creating really good invoices that could be e-mailed automatically.

  • 15.28: In technology things are changing rapidly. If there is more automation or more avenues for automation, the more things people have to remember to do.

  • 17.36: Every day we get requests through emails or phone calls, and each request makes us want to rise up to the occasion and provide that product or service and get another happy client in a roster of clients, says Hemant.

3 Key Points

  1. Hemant talks about the robust workflow process that he helped build for a client. He shares what it is like to engage with him? What is the onboarding look like? Is there a discovery process for helping client workflow or is that something client comes back to Hemant with afterward?

  2. Hemant provides a service whereby they can customize the report output to match exactly what the advisors need and that makes them extremely happy.

  3. Hemant is currently adding a support for power API, which means that all the data in our system can be easier and can easily analyzed by any business user.

Tweetable Quotes

  • “Our firm has a very good reputation in terms of client service. We provide excellent support, and we are always willing to brainstorm what new features could be added to make people’s lives easier, their workflows better and errors could be eliminated.” – Hemant

  • “We could give people a statement of work saying this is what we will deliver, and this is how much time it will take and this is how much it will cost.” – Hemant

  • “We don’t do enough sales and marketing and that has been our biggest challenge. We have really good software and service and the one that is our clients, loves it.” –  Hemant

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