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The news cycle past week has been abuzz with the cancellation of over 10,000 Southwest airlines flights. I personally was affected by it. I experienced a flight cancellation within minutes of being issued a boarding pass this Christmas Eve. The over 3,000 passengers awaiting rebooking stood in a line stretching almost a mile long at the Phoenix airport.

This had me thinking of a good experience I recently had with Southwest. A month ago, Southwest offered a big email discount, using which I purchased airfare for mid-January ‘23. A couple of weeks later, Southwest notified they had canceled our flight and issued a refund. I then remembered that I had booked the exact same tickets a few months ago (same travelers, destination and dates). Southwest had discovered it, and proactively returned my money. They also smartly discarded the flights with multiple legs and kept only the nonstop flights. This clearly showcases Southwest’s technology for customer satisfaction. In the news, I read of their missing technology for crew scheduling and excessive reliance on manual processes such as spreadsheets exchange across the network for managing crew availability.

This is akin to the issue I encounter in my business. Many of our prospects, who are financial advisors or wealth managers, handling hundreds of millions of dollars, often use spreadsheets for client billing– a complex problem. However, once they implement our solution, their error rate reduces and efficiency improves drastically. Our solution pays for itself, oftentimes our clients discover accounts which have been incorrectly charged or not charged for months or years. Check out our billing solution called billPort on And please do suggest us to advisory firms who could benefit.

Have a safe and Happy New Year! May Southwest and all of us become more efficient, less manual in 2023.

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