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Productivity experts advise against multitasking. However, life has so many demands that single tasking is untenable. I tend to think of multitasking as multi-acting or quick serial task-switching.

 Luckily, in the past 15+ years, technology has given us so many tools and apps, that “good” multitasking is possible. The devices that have enabled it like the iPhone, Air Pods, smart watch, Ring, Aura, Bluetooth equipped products like Muse, Freestyle libre and services like Siri, Zoom, Uber, Tesla AutoPilot or Coursera have untethered us, freed us from thinking of work as something that can just be done only while sitting down at our work desk.

 A recent example of “multi” multitasking I did was hiking 16 miles on a trail with 6 peaks while wearing a weighted vest, alternating between zoom calls, working on a Coursera course, taking quizzes while monitoring blood sugar with Freestyle Libre, responding to text messages and occasional phone calls, remotely opening the garage door for delivery and front door for cleaning service, culminating in reserving a spot for a nice lunch post hike. What a rush it was to get so much use out of time!

 Avoiding bad multitasking still needs discipline & judgement, e.g., not texting in presence of friends & family.

 At Arcons, our products automate your tasks so you can get away from duplicate data entry, avoiding errors and find joy in everyday work tasks.

 In sum, to productivity experts, poohpoohing multitasking, I say, Si, se puede!

 What ideas and tools are you using to get more use of your time?

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