Shapiro Capital onboarded on Arcons Client Presentation & Enhanced Reporting

SaaS reports module generates customized reports using Advent’s hosted APX online

San Carlos, CA, February 7 /PRNewswire/ – Arcons Technology, Inc. announced onboarding Shapiro Capital Management, a $3.6 billion assets under management firm, on their SaaS client reporting product module in their PortfolioEdge offering. “For almost a decade, we relied on Arcons Quantum Reporting as an on-premise solution, tailored precisely to our needs. When transitioning from Advent’s Axys to Advent APX-hosted services, we wanted a solution that mirrored our historical presentations. After collaborating with Arcons, they developed & delivered a modern cloud version as promised. Thanks to our strong relationship, Arcons dedicated engineers, and swift turnaround time, our operations workflows have improved, and we’re really pleased with the outcome”. said Angela Karwoski, Director of Operations at Shapiro Capital.

“We are delighted to have migrated to cloud version of reporting solution as it allows multiple customizations we required. We can setup report packages and create colorful, graphical pages in books to showcase our firm professionally to our clients.” remarked Jersten Tubalado, from the Operations Team at Shapiro Capital. “This solution enhances our presentations by enabling seamless customization per client preferences while maintaining our professional theme. We can create report packages and graphs on demand, streamlining workflow. I am excited about the migration and its benefits to my workflow”.

“Integrating with Advent’s APX online is an excellent technology option we created. It enables firms to produce their client presentations with one button click while merging data from various sources in elegant layouts. Eliminating manual data manipulation safeguards data accuracy. Advent’s APX hosted portfolio management system lets Shapiro leverage their long-term Advent’s system knowledge. Our integration facilitates their use of reconciled portfolio data.” said Hemant More, CFA, CEO of Arcons Technology, Inc.

About Shapiro Capital Management LLC
Shapiro Capital Management LLC is an SEC registered investment adviser based in Atlanta, GA. The firm manages both institutional and high net worth individuals across several US equity product offerings.

About Arcons Technology, Inc.
Founded in 1998, Arcons provides customizable solutions tailored to clients’ needs. At present, Arcons solutions are in use by firms cumulatively managing over $1 trillion.

Arcons SaaS product suite, PortfolioEdge, offers modules for billing, reporting, trading/rebalancing, CRM and advisor/client Portal. Clients can select some or all modules.


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