Search and Manage Advent Axys® Logs


Search and Manage Advent Axys® Labels Axys transaction log files can grow to several gigabytes over the years depending on how many clients you have and how long you have used the system. When this happens, even Axys is no longer able to read and display in the log data. logWizard has been specifically designed to deal with large log files and extract meaningful data from them.

Audit Support The SEC requires you to track all transactions, even cancelled ones. The log file is the only place in Axys where all posted transactions are stored. logWizard finds transactions, even cancelled ones, quickly.

Advanced Searching logWizard will find any data you need based on: time period, security type, symbol, transaction code, portfolio or group. It displays the data on screen, and allows you to search, sort, filter, and group it. You can then export the data to Excel for further analysis or to Word, PDF, HTML, etc.

Split Audit Log logWizard lets you split your large log file into manageable files sizes. You can archive them by quarter or by year.

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