Onboarding & Planning

Companies succeed as they add on more clients as their revenues increase and they get more word of mouth publicity. It is in the company’s best interest to find new business opportunities. Arcons’ Onboarding & Planning tool simplifies the onboarding process by creating automated workflows for your firm, be it viewing the specific needed information, creating reports for monthly or quarterly reviews or checking the status of the workflows. Arcons enables advisors tofocus more on searching for business opportunities than managing the data they already have.

Key Features

Robust yet Simple

Arcons Onboarding & Planning tool is robust and simple to use. The screens are easy to identify and data can be accessed within a few clicks. Filtering the data is as easy as it gets. You can search the data based on any criteria and create a pdf/excel report out of it.


With a professional and customizable dashboard, Arcons’ onboarding solution provides the most useful
information at a glance on your dashboard. You can view your most frequently consumed data in simple and
graphical widgets, for example, identify prospects in pipeline or view new business earned. Arcons can create
customizable widgets to view any specific data and show it graphically as well.

Customized tools

Advisors can create their own workflows making Arcons’ customizable tool work perfectly for you. You can also
keep track of your workflows to ensure smooth progress and detecting delays.

User Workflows

Arcons helps mimic the day to day workflows of your users. This helps capturing every new business opportunity
as well as handing the daily work items in a streamlined manner. Arcons helps custom design workflows for your
firm. Example workflows could be, review accounts in pipeline, find details on follow ups, potential revenue, etc.


Be notified of significant events on the accounts or items you are managing and tracking. Onboarding & Planning
tool will send alerts in the application itself as the progress is made by the team. Additionally, you can opt to
receive the notifications via email as well

Partner Integration

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