Rebalancing and OMS


tradeEdge is a collaboration based trading platform that integrates with industry-leading trading and execution solutions like Advent Moxy®. It works with real-time data from your trading solution not requiring data import/export.

tradeEdge provides different ways to create models & portfolios, It also supports trading restrictions, and approvals process.

Trades can be sent to Moxy® with one button click and their status can be viewed in real-time.

Key Features

Customizable Dashboard

Track your firm’s exposure, commissions, and trading activity, as well as Model drifts and cash deployment.

This can be customized to show firm vs. logged in user’s book of business.

Models based Trading

Bring in your Moxy® Models and associate them with account groups.

  • System suggests trades to rebalance to model for each portfolio.
  • Rounding configuration setting ensures trade quantities align with your firm’s standards.
  • Adjust system suggested trades as needed and create them with 1 button click.

Invest/Divest Cash

  • Easily invest or divest cash for any account.
  • Rebalance while investing & divesting or just keep the drift unchanged.

Rebalance any asset across all accounts in model.

Portfolios View: See all portfolios, executions and allocations

View portfolios grouped by any field such as custodian, manager, taxable status, and more.

  • See cash held, valuation, realized gains/losses.
  • Create Block Orders for a set of portfolios.
  • Perform tax loss harvesting.
  • Easily find any data by search, sort, filter and group operations of the grid.

Households View

View portfolios groups as a household.

  • Perform tax loss harvesting on household level.
  • See accounts in the household, cash held, valuation, realized gains/losses.
  • Buy/Sell specific securities for multiple households at once.
  • View positions across household accounts.

Groups View

  • View groups and their underlying portfolios.
  • Associate models with groups.
  • Mark groups to be treated as households.

Tax Loss Harvest

The system allows selecting multiple portfolios or households to perform loss harvesting.

  • Harvest the entire portfolio, selected asset classes, or selected sectors.
  • Substitutions can be defined for securities that are sold at a loss.

Securities Exposure

  • View all system defined securities.
  • Switch to view only held securities if thousands of securities defined but only hundreds are held.
  • See firm assets, classification data and trim/swap holdings.
  • View all security related metadata like restrictions, bond features, and more.

Order Approvals

  • Orders generated from all screens are sent to the approval screen.
  • Orders with overridable restrictions or no restrictions can be approved by the approvers.
  • Orders of the same type can be merged together.

Flexible Reporting

Preview reports, easily enter/reenter parameters & rerun.

  • All standard reports are accessible from the searchable left menu.
  • Easy parameter entry, no need to remember tickers, order IDs or codes.

System Metadata

Views for all types of underlying system data.

  • Users can hide or show specific columns, create a view of their data by filtering rules, and give names to their views.
  • All data can be saved in PDF, Word, Excel, or CSV format from any screen.

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