Arcons launches free trial for billing

Arcons technology is a leading provider of investment management solutions since 1998.

This month we launched a free trial version for billPort which is a comprehensive solution for client billing and revenue sharing. It integrates with porfolio management systems like Schwab’s PortfolioCenter, APX, Axys, Black diamond etc. and with custodians such as TD Ameritrade, Schwab, Fidelity, etc. for seamless data transfers. Firm looking for this solution will now be able to play with it for a month and see how it fits their needs. They will able to perform all activities, like create fee schedules, create households, define revenue sharing rules, do the billing and create invoices.

The best part of this trial is that a starter data set of 70 households with 200 accounts is prepopulated for you. You will simply need to sign up and start using the solution. No need to setup households or add accounts. In a few button clicks, you are good to go and start exploring the features.

Click here to register for a free trial for billing.

Happy exploring!

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