Cash Flow Projection

Arcons Technology, has been in the financial technology industry for over two decades. Its latest offering is a Cash Flow Projection tool for Single Family Offices (SFO) and multi-family offices (MFO). This tool accurately forecasts the cash flows for all their account obligations.

The Cash Flow tool allows users to manage schedules, trackers, and scenarios.

• Schedules are series of cash flow projections that are expected to happen
• Fourteen Trackers are built in and include Gifts, Donations, Political Contributions, Trust Payments, Loans
• Scenarios combine one or more schedules together in order to project and model their impact

With the Cash Flow tool users have the ability to easily setup other commitments, like an investment or a charity that you expect to be drawn from the next few quarters. Users can set up a pandemic scenario or a generous gifting scenario reflecting different economic conditions. Users could also preview what would happen if all the private equity schedules and draw downs happen at once, and none of the distributions occur.

Main features of Cash Flow projection:

• Cash Rebalancing: Rebalancing the cash is supported based on the thresholds applicable.
• Cash Flow Transactions Approval: The system allows approving transactions before sending them to blotters for cash movement across accounts.
• Forecast cash needs: Forecasting is done on a scenario level for Legal entities with multiple schedules.
• Track balances: Cash Flow keeps track of the balances across portfolios. Balances include cash balances, custodial positions and alternative investment positions.
• Integration: Cash flow tool is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics® and Salesforce® CRM systems.

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