Secure Document Vault feature of Arcons AdvisorPortal

Firms managing more than a handful of accounts are challenged with handling the generation, creation, and distribution of client reports. Whether it is daily, monthly, or quarterly, printed, mailed, or hosted on a client portal, Arcons’ AdvisorPortal and clientPortal are the solutions for you. They are perfect for handling the complexities of managing the automation of the entire reporting lifecycle with great ease.

AdvisorPortal can be used by firms to provide their advisors with one place to view all their relationships, accounts, holdings, transactions, and graphical views of all this data. Advisors can analyze holdings while on a call with the client or remember track actions needed to be performed for clients all in one place.

AdvisorPortal allows you to access all contracts, documents, and correspondence. It is securely stored and easily searchable. No need to fax documents or to make copies, with your secure document vault you can easily share your advisor’s agreement, account opening documents, transfer form, tax returns, wills, and trusts, electronically with clients, other professionals, or family members. You and the clients are alerted when new documents are posted. There are no limits on how many documents you can store!

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