Does Your Advisory Firm Need Our Billing Services?

Does Your Advisory Firm Need Our Billing Services? What distinguishes businesses from being either a total catastrophe or pinnacle of success? It all comes down to one thing: making good decisions. And to make good decisions, you must understand your business from top to bottom. Technology has transformed the way financial companies' function. How can we use technology to help […]

Trade Edge

Rebalancing and OMS tradePort tradeEdge tradeEdge is a collaboration based trading platform that integrates with industry-leading trading and execution solutions like Advent Moxy®. It works with real-time data from your trading solution not requiring data import/export. tradeEdge provides different ways to create models & portfolios, It also supports trading restrictions, and approvals process. Trades can be sent to Moxy® with […]

Arcons tradePort

tradePort: Increased Portfolio Rebalancing Reliability In the past few weeks, we’ve all heard about the spikes in volume and volatility in the financial markets. Product latency in the cloud has been one factor that has affected many financial technology vendors in recent times. Some applications and services have been rendered completely unavailable during critical periods. Rebalancing your portfolios is hard […]

Powerful and Efficient Communication for Advisors and Investors

Powerful and Efficient Communication for Advisors and Investors Firms managing more than a handful of accounts are challenged with handling the generation, creation and distribution of client reports. Some firms do it daily, some monthly and some quarterly. Some print it and mail it, some email it while others host it on a client portal. Arcons’ tallyPort and clientPort solutions […]

Cash Flow Projection

Cash Flow Projection Arcons Technology, has been in the financial technology industry for over two decades. Its latest offering is a Cash Flow Projection tool for Single Family Offices (SFO) and multi-family offices (MFO). This tool accurately forecasts the cash flows for all their account obligations. The Cash Flow tool allows users to manage schedules, trackers, and scenarios. • Schedules […]

Portfolio Edge

Portfolio Edge: Portfolio Management, Billing and Client ReportingDeliver best in class portfolio management solution Billing & Revenue Sharing Advisory Fees calculations for all kinds of scenarios Easily compute Revenue Sharing between parties Handle all types of billing exceptions High Auditability and calculation traceability Role based accounts Access Management Prorate bills based on account opening/closing dates Situational Alerts Full-service Onboarding Cash […]

Onboarding & Planning

Onboarding & Planning Companies succeed as they add on more clients as their revenues increase and they get more word of mouth publicity. It is in the company’s best interest to find new business opportunities. Arcons’ Onboarding & Planning tool simplifies the onboarding process by creating automated workflows for your firm, be it viewing the specific needed information, creating reports […]


Reporting Reports are an integral part of the advisory industry. It is important to have a system that generates the right reports in the right format that your firm and your clients like to use. Arcons’ reports module allows firms, their advisors and end clients to create customized reports to match their specific needs. We recognize that firms like to […]


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